Friday, May 7, 2010


From Darren:

I headed down the Schuylkill trail to meet the riders as they come up from Philly...Here's the way they passed me at 6:15/6:30ish....

By the time they hit Norristown on the Schuylkill River Trail the group was already spend across five miles...Three guys at the front (Dan and two others carrying messenger style bags).  4 mins back another group of three.  Two of the guys were from the Pottstown area and they were all traveling very light.  I didn't even think they were part of the race, because they only had small bags.  Another mile or so back was 'Bill' from Pittsburgh area. 

I turned around at that point and headed in the right direction.  Getting off the Trail onto the S route two guys came from my left, clearly having gotten off the Schuylkill trail at the wrong place, but some how finding the S route.  I leaped-frog these guys and Bill out to New Holland.  Never saw the front six again.  At New Holland I turned around to head back home.  Passed Chris and his riding partner headed to Denver for their first beer of the day.  Another sole rider went passed, and then finally two more guys just west of Morgantown, still on Rt 23.

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Apis said...

Here's to hoping the riders are coping with these storms. Loads of lightning trundled through here last night.

Keep yer heads downs, folks!