Saturday, May 8, 2010

First riders finished

Michael and Mark Tressler called in from the Point at 3:51 this afternoon.


That is a fine piece of work.

Dan checked in last night at 8:03pm in Breezewood, and again at 8:35am from Somerset, one of the worst stretches of this route. He can't be far behind the Tresslers.

Edit (6:30pm Sat): Dan is in at 6:28. He said it hurt. I'm sure it did.

Edit (10:30am Sunday): Jim Logan, Dan Goldberg, Eric Greenburg arrived at 3:30 am.
Two riders pulled out at Somerset, Adam Newman due to hail at 10:44 last night, and Bill H at 8:30 this morning.

That is 8 riders in or off the course, leaving 5 still out and riding.

Edit (Sunday 11:05am) Two more riders out at Somerset, Jamie and Ben from Philly, 7am Saturday morning.

Leaving three, which I assume includes Nick, who may be the only person to start all 5 years of CtC.


blando said...

34 hours is terrifying. Good job, you lunatics.

Adam and Ben from Philadelphia also dropped out in Somerset at 7am Saturday, in case that was not reported. So 3 riders remaining?

Dan G

Crush the Commonwealth said...

No report on Adamn and Ben, but I'll add that to the post above.

dmg said...

Sorry - still delirious, apparently. The two riders mentioned above are Jaime and Ben; no Adams.
-Dan G

Ben said...

Congrats to Michael and Mark! We ran into them a couple times around Lancaster, and they were definitely on a mission.

Sorry for not reporting earlier. Jamie and I dropped out Saturday morning due to knee pain and lack of appropriate riding gear. The large packs most of the riders had make a lot more sense now! Thanks again to everyone involved in putting this race together and all the riders we met over the weekend.