Monday, May 10, 2010

Results 2010

Michael Tressler
Marl Tressler

Dan Blumenfeld

Jim Logan
Dan Goldberg
Eric Greenburg

Ryan Ference

Nick Lubecki
Jason Oddo

DNF (all at Somerset)
Bill H
Adam Newman

Comment or email me with name or time corrections.

Hope to hear more ride reports! I added a link to ride reports right below the title and put one in forom Dan Goldberg. Or click here.


Jason said...

between sleep, foraging, and hanging out on the farm and Chambersburg, Nick and I stopped for probably at least 20 hours. I'll write up a short report while I'm at work tomorrow to post on the bikepgh board.

Reddan said...

I finally got around to typing up my report. Cure for insomnia, but here ya go.

Eric said...

Here is part 1 of mine. Wasn't able to get it all done before bingo at the bar last night :)


bobby said...

My name is Ryan Ference not Harris but i can see how it sounded like that on my messege, i was still really out of it when i called it in. I had a great time on the ride even tho i felt like killing myself or calling in a ride just before i started to climb into somerset, but im glad i didnt do either(thanks to my brother brandon telling me just to eat 20 oranges and get back on the road, it worked). I did the round trip this year, took 4 days to get out to philly followed by a 2day rest and then the hard trip home. Looking back i enjoyed everything about the trip from Captian Hick appoaching me and carol with a revolver and no shirt on, to hanging out drinking whiskey at PJ's watching americas funniest home videos with some locals. Next year im gong to try and pack alittle lighter and pace myself alittle better, really looking forward to it.

Eric said...

Day 2

Ryan glad to hear you made it. I was wondering why your name wasn't listed but everyone was in. Shoot me your email at some point if you get a chance. And congrats on the round trip.

bobby said...

hey man thanks. thanks for taking a few pics too, my camera broke so i couldn't get any of my own. my e mail is