Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh man, one week to go.

I won't be a start, but I'll have an appointed starter to at least give a signal to start riding. Maybe he or she will actually get to the start before 5 too, unlike a certain person currently typing into a blog editor.

Reminder. You are on your own. Meaning no support from me, or anyone else for that matter. Start at one end, ride to the other, carry what you need or get it as you go.

Point Park is once again under construction, but enough of it is open to finish there.

I'll post my phone number next week to call when finished.

I'm also looking into getting out of McKeesport. There seem to be some bridges closed. I'll keep you updated. Be prepared for detours. Carry a good map of this area.

Good luck! I'll try to hang out at the end, see if I can get some finishing photos.

Also, if people want to call/text/email me as they progress, I might try to keep a running update going on the blog and/or facebook.

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Adam said...

Getting nervous. Getting excited!
I'll be posting updates as I go to Check it out.