Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rules and Routes

The route can be found to the right in the sidebar>>>>>>

A few notes on the route.
-I just found a bikely route that someone who did this ride in the past must have created.

Too bad it is going in the wrong direction.

I had nothing to do with the creation of this map and can't vouch for it's accuracy.

-Liberty Bell to Valley Forge will be a neutral start to make sure everyone gets out of the city OK. We did this from downtown PGH to Mckeesporst last year, worked very well.

-Mckeesport to PPG Place in Pittsburgh is a bit hard to get to. I'll get around to reversing the directions from last year and post a bikely map soon.

-The only allowable detours in through the abandoned turnpike tunnels. More info HERE.


we are all on the honor system, let's keep this clean.

1) Follow the route.
2)Carry what you need or buy/scrounge it along the way.
-No drops or caches of supplies
-No support car or crews
3)Call in when finished, I pass out the number at the start


nick said...

i used the bikepa maps to create that map, so it should be pretty accurate. although the distance is surely off a little, i didn't zoom in super close so many of the turns are rounded off a bit. i think someone last year said their computer read 390 miles at the end?


adam said...

Here's a little gift I threw together in Photoshop...

Mini printable CTC elevation and mileage chart.

Crush the Commonwealth said...

Thanks for that Nick! Dan from the bike-PGH message board wrote some code to reverse the route. I should have your notes reversed soon to read prperly from the opposite direction.

I was guessing it was you, due to the comment about the dog. After the late night sprint up the hill away from the dog I had heartburn for the rest of the ride.

Wesley Buckwalter said...

route is much tougher than last year huh

Ken said...

I think you should allow drops and caches. Why? Because its the poor man's answer to the rich man's ability to buy supplies along the way. Plus, its not necessarily advantageous, as an elaborate cache locks one into a schedule that maybe one would have done better not to follow.

max said...


would one of you pittsburghers want to maybe write out some nice directions from the end of the railtrail into downtown?

just in case some of us out of towners have gotta roll in without any locals to guide us.

eric, one of these days (hopefully soon!)i will put your saddlebag in the mail to you. i'll do my best to get it to you before you leave for philthy.