Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Blog

Welcome to the new blog, and welcome back to previous year participants.

Race info is in the sidebar, any other questions, ask me at

More soon!


Ken said...

Gettysburg? I think you mean Valley Forge. Totally different war.

Crush the Commonwealth said...

Uhhh, yeah, not enough sleep on my end.

Thanks Ken.

max said...


i was thinkin this year for my three dat plan; on the first night hit caledonia park (little ways before cohen's gap).

then second night at shawnee lake. (but if you get that far and still feel good maybe just push on and camp on the side of the rail trail).

anybody else got ant good ideas for places to stay?

where did all you guys stay on your first night last year?


adam said...

A bunch of us camped at Shawnee St Park the first night. Caledonia would not be a bad spot to camp on the first night if you were on the 3 day plan.

You can probably make it further than Shawnee St Park the 2nd day.

Robert said...

Is there a GPS file available?

PSBREW said...

How's traffic along PA Route S? Have folks ridden this at night, or do you try to stop before dark?

Crush the Commonwealth said...


No GPS file. Maybe next year...


Traffic is pretty variable, but for the most part, I felt pretty safe at night. It is really going to depend where you are at night.

Fxdwhl said...

That's a long time to be running a gps without stopping to recharge. Would be sweet to see the profile though.

Last years night riding wasn't bad at all; it's just tough to know where you'll be when. Traffic kills your night vision and the shoulders aren't always well maintained.

East of Lancaster was pretty sweet last year as we killed the lights for a while rolling through farm country. Just watch for farm dogs.

max said...

as for the darkness; other than that farm dog outside of lancaster somewhere it was pretty sweet last year and boy did we ride a lot at night!

the only other stretch that might not be so nice at night this year is going up cowan's gap from chambersburg. that section of 30 has pretty crappy shoulders from what i remember. after you get off 30 the road gets better but then you get to climb for a good little bit.

if you get up and over cowan's gap on day 1 you done good. real good.

adam said...

The night riding was good except for the first night where because of the rain made it bitter cold. I would have been able to go further if it wasn't so damn cold.

I was making better pace when the sun went down the other 2 days, but I usually ride a little faster at night for some reason.

Traffic was fine almost all of the ride. The only confusing point was somewhere outside of downtown Lancaster where the lack of route signs put me out on Rt 30 a bit further than I was supposed to go, and I had to work my way back to the bike route through Amish country.

That was the only place where people in cars pissed me off, but then again I just got busted by the police 2 weeks ago for riding down the passing lane on Rt 28 so its all relative.