Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ride Reports

Lots of stories in the comments on the previous post and see here:

Eric G

Stef B

Dan B

Matt H (heed the blogger warning if you offend easily)

Anyone else?


Paul said...

Eric - Hope your back is feeling better. Looking forward to another CtC in 2013.

james said...

I'll be the first to ask.. Dates for 2013 please? :-)

TomH said...

Who will be the first person to complete CTC Extreme?

Apis said...

Are we considering CtC west-east-west? Circumnavigation of the Commonwealth?

What is this CtC Extreme of which he speaks?

TomH said...

Heh. That's right. Over AND back. Nobody is really considering it AFAIK. Just having fun with yinz.

Tomas Jon said...

Hello .I am Jon Tomas. Thank for your Ride Reports. It helps me so much.