Sunday, April 1, 2012

Start Time

Just a reminder, start is at 5:00am, so show up a few minutes before that.


Apis said...

I'mma miss this one. Dammit to hell!

Hoping youn's have good weather and no wind.

TomH said...

+1 on the no wind thing. Oh well, no point in fretting over the weather.

My (perhaps unrealistic) hope is to make it to ride the abandoned T-pike in daylight. A prompt start at 5:00am sharp wouldn't hurt. On the other hand, I really want another Robburitto. Not enough time for such culinary distractions if I was to succeed in the whole tunnels-before-nightfall thing.

max said...

robburrito vs. goin fast...

that is a tough one! i think i took a little nap in there last year waiting for my food.

DC said...

Hey Pittsburgh riders,

Is the Steel Valley Trail out of McKeesport a viable option to get closer to downtown before having to jumping on Rt 837?



Reddan said...


Yeah, the trail will take you from McKeesport all the way to Homestead, so you can skip the nasty bit of 837 up the hill by Kennywood.

I intend to take the trail to Homestead, then 837 to 885/Glenwood Bridge. Follow 885 to Second Ave, bear left at the Greenfield Ave light to stay on 885, then the first right up to the trailhead to hop onto the Jail Trail, then you're in town after two miles of flat cruisin'.

DC said...

Hey Reddan, I can see/follow your route on Google maps. That's a nice entry into downtown. I'll save that route for future use. Not sure I'm getting all the way to Pittsburgh myself this year. I was just playing around and checking out the CTC route in various places...Enjoy the ride.


max said...

showing up with a geared racing bike this year. doubt it will make me faster but we'll see.

the bike is in the shop getting looked at. i figured if i was gonna run some sophisticated geared contraption this year i should have a better mechanic than i look at it before this thing.

ten days, it is gettin pretty real...

TomH said...

Gettin' very real indeed. I am using much of the same gear/equipment I used last year, except for a new dynohub /headlight and slightly revised baggage. Tryin' to carry less stuff that I probably don't need this year... :)

Eric said...

Hey max can you shoot me your email. I have a question or two for you.


max said...

here is something to think about:

after breezewood i remember there being very little as far as services go. if your trying to go quickly this is probably the stretch where you will spend a good few overnight hours.

there is a sheetz in everett i think.

does anyone remember what there was as far as food in bedford that would be open 24hrs? i remeber stopping at a grocery store there but that would definitely be closed overnight.

also does anyone remember any hotels between breezewood and the GAP trail? might try this without a hotel this year but it would be nice to know if there are any in case the body doesn't live up to the mental game plan.

TomH said...

There is a sheetz in Everett, yes. There is also on in Bedford pretty handy. When you are making the left turn onto Rt30 just before beford, make a right turn instead onto Rt 30 eastbound. Sheetz is about a 1/4 mile down Rt. 30 from there.

If you are willing to go about 1.5-2.0 miles off course, there is a Hampton Inn and a less expensive Relax Inn in Bedford up by the T-pike interchange. Make a right turn onto 220 Business North (instead of heading straight through the intersection) in "downtown" Bedford. There is a Sheetz and a Dennys up there at the interchange too. Very handy for a sit down brekky or portable eats.

There are a bunch of hotels in Somerset, but you have to go off course too and head up to the T-pike interchange. Just after you pass the Sheetz in Somerset, you'll go over some railroad tracks. Make a left turn off of Main street onto Pleasant Ave (instead of going straight up the hill and staying on the course). Follow that road for about a mile and then you'll have a half dozen hotels to choose from.

max said...

tom that is great info!


TomH said...

Doh, in Somerset, I shoulda said make a RIGHT TURN onto Pleasant Ave right after the tracks. Sorry. :(

DC said...
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DC said...
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DC said...

The calm before the storm....The tougher east to west journey looms

The time for bike prep, packing, and travel is upon us.

The head winds prepare to show no mercy at those who dare to ride into it's teeth.

The Phoenixville rush hour lays in waiting; school buses, mini vans, and commuters all poised for our arrival.

The conflict between Lancaster farms and shopping outlets seen as only a trip on two wheels can show.

The smell of Roburritos draws in the hungry travelers - Vegans, carnivores, and omnivores alike.

The definition of a 'meal' changes mile after mile.

The eerie and uncanny feeling of passing through tunnels of a long forgotten road. Not knowing or seeing what lays in the shadows or on the ground.

The microcosm of Breezewood welcomes those with 18 wheels and 2 with it's Las Vegas-like main street.

The silence of a Bedford factory, once the hub of a proud 'Made in the USA' brand.

Culture and terrain across the heartland of a state that few in the bookend metropolitan cities know.

At first, a welcome respite from the noise and danger of cages is reached in Rockwood.

But then the sweet sound of tires rolling over gravel turns deafening and getting wet by rain is the least of your problems.

Solid ground again and a precarious ride with the finish in sight...

Three rivers - The end. For some in 30 hours, for others in 3 days.

'Never again' is uttered, until next years date is posted, then we start again.....

Reddan said...

Nicely put, Darren.

"There once was a dude from da 'burgh,
whose packlist was getting absurd.
He did furiously think,
'To find room for the sink,
The spare bike must now be abjured.'"

Apis said...

Absurd equip list? Wonder how an Extracycle or Big Dummy would do?

J said...

Godspeed gents. I cant make this run, looking forward to next time.