Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick Wrap Up

26 people started at 5:11am Friday.

Finishing times:

Tressler brothers
-Saturday 9:39am -- 28:28

Dan B, Lane, Bill, Eric (not me)
-Saturday 2:35pm -- 33:24

Tom Oswald
-Saturday 4:40pm -- 35:29

Wes and Scott
-Saturday 5:03pm -- 35:52

Max, Chris,  Dan G, Tom,  Eric (this one is me)
-Saturday 10:26pm -- 41:15

Brian, Dean, Bill
-Sunday 12:29am -- 43:18

Nick D
-Sunday 1:20am -- 44:09 (43 bonus miles after getting lost!)

Jon Cornibe
-Sunday 2:40am -- 45:29

19 finishers

Darren C

Contact me if I got something wrong, either email or cell phone (the correct number is 412-980-0662).

Lots of serious looking riders at this years start, decent weather and nice tailwinds. Fastest year ever, including a downright shocking sub 30 hour time.

Send me links to your blogs and pictures, or I'll be glad to post your stories up here.

Stay tuned for a new rule that will take effect next year.

More later....


DC said...

Blog with some pics and videos. Nothing east of Breezewood, if you know what I'm saying...


Apis said...

I gotta come at this thing again. Smaller load (mebbe a hammock & poncho liner), better attention to trail debris (couldn't happen again, right?), actually eat the morning before the ride begins...

Perhaps and IGH on a 1980 Raleigh I have hanging in the shed...


Jon Cornibe said...
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Jon Cornibe said...

Looks like I’ll get to take home honors for DFL this year!

Things started going downhill for me after the Somerset rest stop. I left before the rest of the group to try and make up some time, knowing my pace was a bit slower. At some point, I realized that the signs I was following were no longer for the "S" route, but for some other PA bike route. (Note to future CtC riders: do not follow the signs depicting magic mushrooms.) I wasn’t positive I was off-course, but decided to back track a few miles and eventually found Dean. We rode together on the same course until he too realized this was the wrong way. After consulting maps and talking to some locals at the Subway, we found where we made our error and got back on the “S” route – but not before I biked 10-12 extra miles and wasted an hour or two. Dean and I made it to Breezewood sometime around 10pm. My plan going into this was to bike to Chambersburg for the first day and have a shorter ride on day 2. So sure of this plan, I made a non-refundable reservation in Chambersburg for Friday night. Reality hit me in Breezewood when some quick calculations put our arrival time at around 3 AM if we continued on the 55 miles to Chambersburg. I was in no condition for this. I gave in for the night and got a hotel. Dean somehow pushed on to Chambersburg solo - much respect to him.

I tried to get an early start the next day, but I woke up feeling dehydrated and went back to sleep after downing more water. I eventually got rolling around 6 AM. I found the abandon turnpike successfully and rode through the tunnels without problem - but I wasn’t exactly sure where to go at the end. I missed the access road to the right and instead jumped the wire fence and scaled down the hill of rocks with my bike. I got lost again, jumped another fence, road some more on the abandon turnpike, cut through a residential backyard, and eventually - miraculously - found the "S" route.

I took a quick stop at Cowans Gap and ran into a few other riders passing by (Brian, Bill, and ??). I rode with them as long as could keep up - which wasn’t much farther than Chambersburg. From East Berlin onward I was riding solo. I got into Lancaster around 7pm and considered stopping there for the night, knowing it would be a long night if I tried to continue on. However, I reminded myself this was a race and there should be some struggle/discomfort involved (after reading the ride reports from previous years, I knew I still had it pretty easy). I continued on through the night without any major problems. Entering Manayunk around 2AM was a shit-show and reminded me how much I dislike frat boys. I reached the bell a little after 2:30AM and called it a night.

Look forward to trying this again next year.