Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finishing Times (based on 5:20am start time):


-Dan B 5:16 pm 35:56
-Jeremy 7:30 pm 38:10
-Ted 8:00 pm 38:40
-Tom D, Wes E 9:47 pm 40:27
-Ted and Ben 11:06 pm 41:46
-Ken 11:20 pm 42:00


-dhd 2:08am 44:48
-Chris, Max, Justin, Justin, Dean, Eric 2:20am 45:00
-Nick 6:15pm 60:55
-Bill 8:40pm 63:00

Still up in the air:

-Brandon, Ryan, Chad, Jeremy, Kelsey 11:45 am? pm? Sunday, Monday?
-Carol and Mike-I seem to remember getting a message, but it wasn't on my phone when I typed this up.

That makes 23. I counted 26 starters, one dropped out in Breezewood. That leaves 2 unaccounted for.

Some random thoughts:
I'll have to compare the PA DOT maps to the big download I've got linked on the right. It looks like the route changed, in a few spots, particularly staying on a busy section of Route 30 rather than going around on less traveled roads.
Have to work on the ending cue sheets for next year.
Maybe a 15 mph top speed on the neutral start. As Ken predicted it didn't go as planned.

Thanks for coming out. I never expected this many riders.

Come back next year, East to West is a whole different ball game.

Send me a link to pics or write ups. Don't have a blog? emil your write up, I'll post it here.


Bill said...

It was 8:40 PM Sunday for me. I'm not surprised I forgot to give a time. I wasn't thinking too clearly anymore at that point.

nick said...

i guess you didn't get my message. i arrived at 6:15pm sunday evening.

dhd said...

There are really only three places where the route changed. The first one is in Somerset where it stays on Route 31 out of town instead of taking a totally pointless detour down 219. The second one is leaving Chambersburg, as you mentioned, where it stays on 30.

The third one is a little tiny stretch just before Morgantown. The route continues straight on Mill Road instead of turning to remain on Weavertown Road. There's no sign telling you to turn one way or the other, and actually both of them end up in the same place but I think Mill Road is a bit nicer, plus it does eventually have a Route S sign on it. Here's a link to Google Maps for the road in question.

dean said...

hey justin, if you see this my email is, I must have written your email down wrong