Saturday, February 7, 2009


Getting to be that time of year again.

Start Friday May 8th.

Point State Park fountain.

Finish Liberty Bell.

More info:

ericmckeegan AT gmail DOT com


Fxdwhl said...

oh yeah!!! leaving the fix at home and bringing the gears this year. ready to see pa from the saddle once again.

Reddan said...

This looks like the year I may actually make it to the's hoping!

(And here's hoping no parts of the GAP collapse this year...)

Wesley Buckwalter said...

Alas, this year I will be out of the country from March-June, and will not be able to ride in the fourth CTC. Given last year's...unpleasantness...I thought I would be glad to have such a bombproof excuse for bailing on the ride this year. However, now that the rent comes due, it is I, who is crushed to have missed it. Good luck CTC-ers 2009!!

adam said...

I was so upset last year when I could not ride last year because of a herniated disc that left me unable to walk less than 2 weeks before the damn race.

I could not even walk without much pain until November / December of last year. For a few months I actually thought I had been crippled for life.

However I am not finished healing I am definitely going to be there unless somehow I relapse into the pain I was in last May.